When you train really hard for a race that you care very deeply for, you go through QUITE the range of emotions (I’m sure you can all relate to this and it’s funny because Emilee and I literally go through the same feelings on the same day).  I am sure Andrew is looking forward to a more steady Janae with a few less tears and luckily that is just a few weeks away;).  Here are just a few of the thoughts/feelings I have experienced during the last few weeks:

*I am so ready for this race, I wish it was just happening tomorrow morning.


*I don’t want to run another step until next May (yep, I definitely felt that way at one point… hence why my coach pulled back the mileage)

*I don’t ever want this training to stop because I have so much fun with it all and maybe I should try to hit 100 miles one week?

*I’m not nervous about the race because racing is my favorite hobby.

*I’m so nervous about this race I feel like my brain may explode.

I’ll spare you the other 304 drastic thoughts I’ve had in regards to running/the race etc but I’m sure the taper will give my body/mind time to truly rest and recover which will bring all of the positive thoughts possible.

Those of you with running partners that you go out with often—> do you have a set side that you run on?  I feel like I am ALWAYS on Emilee’s left side and when I somehow get on her right side when crossing the street or something during a run I hurry and switch back to her left side because it feels weird.  Okay, maybe I’m the only one that does this and that’s okay.

This week I will be dropping my mileage down 20% which I am gladly welcoming because my body yesterday was feeling the 26 miles we did on Saturday.

IMG 0416

Just the littlest one and me.

IMG 0435

PS my grandma (Mer) said the other day about Skye… ‘You know, they do say the ‘Skye’s’ the limit;)”

IMG 0432

We are seriously having the best November weather ever over here.

IMG 0455

For dinner we had Shalane’s Quinoa Recovery Salad and it was amazing.  I added some chicken to it too.  I use her cookbooks (here and here) at least 1-2 times a week… they are the absolute best.

IMG 0456

And after dinner…

IMG 0459

Best part of the day when he gets home:

IMG 0461


Just a few kid tangents before I let you go today:

*If we need Skye to stay still for 20 minutes straight, all we do is put an Elsa dress on her.  Once the Elsa dress is on she stands there and admires the beautiful blue and I can see in her brain that she is just shocked that she has somehow magically transformed into Elsa.

PS Brooke has been counting down to Frozen 2 for months and months.  I cannot wait to take them.

IMG 0342

*One of Andrew’s proudest parenting moments.  All 3 kids cleaning their bikes.

IMG 0349

*And then I had one of my proudest parenting moments… my kids wanted to play “Great Harvest” with me.  They were the workers and I was the customer and they gave me a great slice of bread with about an inch thick of butter on there:).  I hope they want to play Great Harvest daily with me.

IMG 0324

*SOMEONE IS GOING THROUGH A SLEEP REGRESSION!! I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO!  I feel like Skye somehow knows CIM is coming up and that we are not bringing her with us and this is her way to rebel.

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Anyone else have their little one have a sleep regression right around 2 years old?  How long did it last?  

Have any tangents to share today?  I would love to hear them!

Who is gearing up for a Thanksgiving race this year?  What is the distance?  First time doing this race or is it a tradition?

On a scale from 1-10 (10 being VERY busy)… how busy is your Tuesday going to be? 


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