There are days when I feel confident and days when I want to crawl in a hole. On those days when I feel like an imposter, start doubting everything I have ever done or am planning to do and generally want to dig a hole and crawl into it, I let myself feel all those feels. It’s only natural that when you’re pushing beyond your comfort zone into uncharted territory that your confidence will feel fragile and the fear of failure is ever-present. In fact, those are par for the course. It’s not sign that you are doing things wrong, or you’ve picked the wrong idea to pursue–it actually probably means you’re on track. Which is why accepting those feelings and allowing yourself to feel them is important. 

Once I’ve acknowledged my feelings of doubt and fear and I’m ready to pick myself up by my bootstraps, I try to do three things that I think are essential for restoring my confidence. 

Confidence isn’t something you are born with or without, it is something that can be cultivated with habit and practice. It’s like a muscle that atrophies when not used and grows when attention and energy are directed towards it. If you want to be confident you have to work at it. 

And the way I work at it–the way I direct attention and energy towards it is by writing things down. I start by giving myself space to think and reflect, go for a walk, get some fresh air and hit reset on your current circumstances, then grab a pen and paper because it’s time to work at that confidence.

Make a List of your Strengths

Start by making a list of your strengths and talents, things that make you uniquely you. They can be big things or small things. Whatever it is you’re good at, write it down. And write it as positive “I am” statements, for example: I am a great host. I am a good runner. I am creative. Return to this list, add to it, make it a daily habit and you’ll start to see your internal narrative shifting. 


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