It’s been 2 weeks since the Ecotrail and while I feel fully recovered I know perfectly well that it takes more than 2 weeks to recover from an effort like that. I only did 32 miles last week and haven’t gotten into double digits for my daily run yet.In a way it’s good that work is really busy at the  moment, I barely have time to sneak out for a few miles at lunchtime, and on Tuesday I didn’t even manage that, so there is no real opportunity to do too much at the moment. On the downside I tend to run a little bit too quick whenever I have only a short window because I feel the pressure to be back in time, so a few runs at 7:40-ish pace did occur, and that’s definitely a bit fast for recovery.Since I’m not yet running into work I’m cycling a lot because that’s how I commute, so there’s definitely plenty of exercise, which I guess is a good thing, and the way things are just happening.Oh, and I managed to transfer my club membership from my previous local club in Kerry to my new local club here in Bray. I have to say, the transfer process is just ridiculous, it required no less than six (SIX!!!!) signatures on a paper form, which in the 21st century is just a pathetic way to do business, and just yet another sign how utterly useless the sporting bodies are here in Ireland, there is never anyone to take the initiative to change things, no drive for improvement, and a depressingly closed mindset.Then again, it make me happy to work in a totally different work environment and really makes me appreciate the difference.I’ll stop before I start ranting even more – a 32 mile week doesn’t deserve a longer post anyway.


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