I started off my morning with two King’s Hawaiian rolls with jam and a naked juice before my run.  With this higher mileage I feel like I need some QUICK energy right after I wake up to feel good to go in the mornings.  I am sure some caffeine would help but I really only want to use caffeine before big races/workouts so that my body doesn’t just become used to it and not feel the benefits from it anymore.   After drinking one of these Naked juices from Costco I feel awake really fast and ready to run.  They have been great in the mornings lately.

I met up with Emilee and Hilary for 12 miles around town.  This week my goal is 75ish (maybe even 80 miles if I am feeling good) before we drop our mileage back down next week with another race on 8/17.  We have one really hard workout and one medium hard workout this week so if those take it out of me, I will listen closely and be more than happy with backing down if I need to.

PS getting back into the school routine is going to be interesting.  The girls have been sleeping in until at least 8:30 each morning which is fabulous with my running because I’m always home before they wake up but too late for school!

Same splash pad as Saturday but I was on the lookout the whole time for yellow jackets (on Saturday I was stung by one and the area on my leg is still sore and swollen?!?).

IMG 2056

After the splash pad we went to the grocery store to pick up some things to make homemade ice cream.  Brooke has been on a little cooking kick lately and yesterday I taught her how to look over a recipe and pick out the things we needed at the store.

Random story of the day—> The check out line was really long and while we were in line Skye started throwing a fit (it was nap time and we were all hungry) and as I was walking out I was just feeling a bit defeated … Just then an old man walked up behind me and said, ‘you are doing a great job mom.’  It completely changed my whole attitude afterwards, made me cry tears of relief and his 7 words was all it took to brighten the rest of my day.

Words are so powerful.

IMG 2059

My brother gave us this ice cream maker and this ice cream dessert book for our wedding and it is awesome!

IMG 2060

We made the sweet cream recipe and added some of our cookie dough that we keep in the freezer. —> You never know when you need to throw some cookies in the oven so we like to be prepared.

IMG 2067

These two got in some soccer practicing in the backyard.  Brooke and Knox start their fall seasons soon!

IMG 2066 2

I got in a double for the day because Andrew had the day off which makes it easier to get out again.  The girls joined us and usually I run with Andrew and Skye with Brooke a little bit ahead but I ran next to Brooke for the second half of the run because we saw a huge snake… and it freaked us all out.

PS for lunch yesterday I made pancakes, eggs and hash browns (along with ice cream after) and my stomach felt awesome during this run.  I think when I have veggies at lunch my stomach is not okay with a double run.

IMG 2087

It was 95 degrees out but since we were next to the river and the clouds were out, it didn’t feel quite that hot but it’s still good for me to get in a few hot runs because some years the St. George Marathon is REALLY hot!

IMG 2092

We went over to hang out with my grandma for a bit.

IMG 2097

And then I made rice bowls with tortillas, sautéed yellow peppers, guac and rotisserie chicken with some taco seasoning on it.

IMG 2105 2

Finished off by the best chips on the planet and some more of Brooke’s ice cream that she made.

IMG 2106

I think Beretta is over having Skye wake her up from her naps.

IMG 2100


Ever ran a marathon or any race when it was really hot?  How did you deal with it?!

Best chip on the planet in your opinion?

Parents reading—> What sports are your kids into?

What was the last really meaningful thing that someone said to you that lifted you up?


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